The 10 Best Enduro Mountain Bikes.

Enduro mountain bikes are ideal for long distance trail biking due to the unique features that they come with. Choosing the right enduro mountain bike for yourself may be an uphill task for you especially if you are still just a beginner in this field. It is for this reason that we have made this work easy for you by listing for you the top ten best enduro bikes that you could possibly buy and use for your endure biking. Check below we have listed the ten best enduro mountain bikes that you can go for:

  1. The Connondale Jekyll Carbon – the Connondale is one of the best enduro mountain bikes that you could possibly go for. It features a strong frame made of carbon and also has got an impressive DYAD pull shock. This is an impressive long tail enduro mountain bike that has got a well built suspension system that will enable you to take on the wilderness with courage and confidence. It is not too highly priced bearing in mind the exciting features that it comes with compared to other enduro mountain bikes out there in the markets.
  2. The Canyon Strive CF – The Canyon Bike Company is reputed to be a leader in the manufacture of high quality bicycles with very competitive prices ever. The Canyon Strive CF is a good enduro mountain bike that although highly priced comes with an impressive carbon fiber frame. This fact makes this bike really strong and a good choice for you.
  3. Trek Powerfly – Trek is also known to make some of the best quality bikes you see around. The Trek Powerfly is a good enduro mountain bike. With its impressive and unique rear suspension it surely is a good bet for your enduro cycling feats.
  4. The Focus Jarifa E-Sport – Focus mountain bikes are also some good quality bikes that you will find in the markets. The Focus Jariffa E-sport endure version even though lacks a rear suspension is still a safe bet for you.
  5. The Giant Reign Advanced – this is a great off-road mountain bike you will like for your enduro biking activities. It features a carbon fiber frame with a very good front suspension system that you will like.
  6. Ibis Mojo HD3 – this is also a great enduro mountain bike that has got an impressive build. The frame is strong and well suited for the mountaineering kind of cycling.
  7. Intense Tracer 275C – this is another good enduro mountain bike that features a carbon frame. It also features two positions where you can bolt the shock thus easily changing its geometry.
  8. Cube Stereo, Reaction and Access – this is also another great enduro mountain bike that you can opt for. It a full-suspension mountain bike that will seamlessly take you wherever you wish off-road.
  9. Specialized Turbo – the Specialized Bike Company have got a good reputation in the making of good quality mountain bikes. The Specialized Turbo is one good enduro mountain bike that will perform just fine for you.
  10. Orbea Wild & Keram – featuring 27.5’’ wheels with tires that are wide makes this hard tail enduro mountain bike so stable on the cycling trails. It is also a good choice of mountain bike that you can opt for.
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